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Moving To Create Memories

Store And Protect Your New RV When You Are Not Traveling

Harper Flores

A recreational vehicle will provide you and your family with a convenient and comfortable way to travel from one end of the country to the other. If you have decided not to purchase an RV because you do not have room on your property to store the vehicle when it is not in use, renting a covered RV storage area or unit is a convenient solution to the dilemma. 

Acquire Storage Space

When you are shopping around for an RV, take the time to acquire storage space that is covered and that will be large enough to hold the model that you are going to be purchasing. 

Obviously purchasing an RV is a large investment and you deserve to acquire a space that is conveniently located. Most storage facilities implement safety strategies that reduce vandalism and theft. Request a storage area that is next to the office and that has sufficient lighting installed nearby.

Clean Your RV, Inflate Tires, And Prevent Moisture Accumulation

After acquiring a storage unit or area, familiarize yourself with any locking devices that need to be opened prior to gaining entry to the rental. If the storage facility includes a wash and air station, clean your RV and inflate the vehicle's tires after getting off the road and planning to store your vehicle for an extended amount of time.

If these stations aren't available, locate a car wash that is nearby so that you can get into the habit of cleaning your recreational vehicle and inspecting and inflating its tires soon after a road trip has come to a close.

After backing your vehicle into your rental, slightly open the RV's roof vents if the unit or storage space is not climate-controlled. By opening the vent's, air circulation won't be hindered, and the air inside of the vehicle's cabin area won't have a stale scent and moisture won't be likely to accumulate in the vehicle. 

Use Additional Safety Features

Even though security issues won't be likely to arise while your recreational vehicle is in storage, installing additional safety features will provide you with a sense of relief, knowing that you won't need to worry about a thing while you are not present.

A wheel and steering wheel lock are two common security items that will frustrate someone if they attempt to steal your vehicle. You can also inquire about increasing your insurance coverage at the agency that you acquired insurance after purchasing your vehicle. Additional insurance will ensure that your vehicle will be repaired or replaced if it is damaged or stolen.