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Moving To Create Memories

Tips For Hiring A Company To Move Your Piano

Harper Flores

Moving a piano is no easy task. Not only are pianos awkwardly shaped and heavy, but they need to be carefully protected during moving and travel to protect their delicate internal components as well as their polished, pretty exteriors. This is not a task that most people should handle on their own. Hiring a piano moving company is the best option, and here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Ask about the precautions the moving company takes.

This needs to be clear: you must hire a company that has experience moving pianos specifically, not just a general moving company. The company you hire needs to know how to best handle and protect a piano, and they also need to have the right equipment to move a piano while keeping it upright. Call and get estimates from moving companies that specifically advertise piano moving services and that can back up their experience with references.

Get an estimate.

Always get an in-person estimate before hiring a piano moving company. Piano moving is often more expensive than customers assume. There are a few reasons for this. First, the padding, climate-controlled trucks, and specialized dollies that piano movers use are not cheap, and they have to charge for the cost of those items. Second, it can take a lot of time to move a piano around certain corners and down stairways, and the customer has to pay for this time. If you get an in-person estimate, there will not be any surprises. If you can find more than one piano moving company in your area, then by all means, get a couple of estimates and compare them.

Ask about tuning.

Some piano moving companies also tune pianos, and they may include a tuning session in their general moving services. Other companies do not do this. If your moving company does not include a tuning session in their services, you will need to have the piano tuned after it's moved. This is just because the piano's strings can become somewhat distorted during the moving process and should be adjusted before the piano is played again. It's important to know upfront whether or not you'll need to separately schedule a tuning appointment so you can plan for this cost-wise and also in terms of playing time.

Hiring a professional company to come move your piano is not hard, but there are a few steps you definitely need to take. Adhere to the advice above, and you'll be in good shape.

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