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Moving To Create Memories

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Moving To Create Memories

3 Tips For Effectively Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

Harper Flores

Self-storage units are a great way of reducing the clutter in and around your home without needing to get rid of any of your belongings. However, in order to truly get the most out of your storage unit, you will need to ensure that it is well organized. Thankfully, the three tips below can help you easily accomplish this task. 

Tip #1: Use Color-Coded Labels Or Bins To Identify Different Groups Of Items

When retrieving items from your storage unit, there is a good chance that you will be looking to access all of the similar items that you have. For example, if you choose to store your holiday decorations in your storage unit, you are not going to want just one box of these decorations when the appropriate holiday comes around. Thankfully, there is a very simple way to quickly identify all of the boxes or storage bins that contain the items you are looking for. This solution is to use color-coded labels or storage bins when packing your items for storage. Using a single color to identify a particular group of items will allow you to quickly pick out these items when the time comes to use them. 

Tip #2: Store Frequently Used Items Toward The Front Of Your Unit

The last thing you want when getting an item from your storage unit is to remove several other items in order to get to the one you need. That is why you should always organize your self-storage unit according to how frequently you use the items inside. For example, if you have lawn equipment that you use every other week, you will want to keep these items near the front of the unit for easy access. On the other hand, winter clothing that is only removed once a year can safely be stored near the back of the unit. 

Tip #3: Use Shelving To Keep Storage Bins And Boxes Easily Accessible

While storage bins and boxes are very easy to stack, choosing to simply stack these containers without shelving can make it much harder to find what you are looking for. Using portable shelving units to store your bins and boxes will allow you to still make use of all the vertical space your storage unit has to offer while also allowing you easy access to each and every container inside your unit. Not only will this allow you to keep things more organized, but it will also make accessing your belongings quite a bit easier as well.

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