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Moving To Create Memories

A few months ago, I started thinking about different ways to improve my family's experience. I wanted to expose them to new cultures and new ideas, so I started talking with my employer about opportunities abroad. I was able to find a few different places that offered great jobs within my company, so I took a position and told my family we were moving. They were really amazing to work with, and before we knew it, we were packing to move. This blog is all about creating memories while moving, and the benefits of relocation. Check out this website for more information.


Moving To Create Memories

Hiring Professional Movers Is Not Lazy -- It's Smart

Harper Flores

If you're planning a move, you really have your choice of two approaches: you can do all the packing, lifting, and driving yourself, or you can hire a professional moving team. Some people avoid hiring movers simply because they think it is lazy to do so. But in reality, hiring professionals is generally the smartest way to approach a move — for a few reasons.

Damage Will Be Covered By Insurance

When you're moving your own items and you accidentally drop that valuable painting on the ground, guess who is responsible for the damage. That's right — you are. Moving companies, however, offer insurance to protect your things. Though they are very careful when packing, they are human and do damage things once in a while. But when damage does occur, you are compensated.

You'll Have One Receipt

If you are moving for work, it's likely that your company will reimburse you for some or all of your moving costs. Plus, you can write off the moving expenses on your taxes. When you move on your own, saving receipts for all of the various costs can be a burden. You'll have receipts for boxes and tape, one for a moving truck rental, a few from toll booths, and so forth. On the other hand, when you hire a moving company, they generally bundle all of their fees into one price and give you a single receipt. It's a lot easier to give your boss or accountant one receipt for moving expenses than 18!

You Won't Risk Injury

Even if you are in pretty good shape, you're probably not used to lifting boxes and furniture day in and day out. What if you injure yourself? You don't want to spend the first week in your new home with a wrapped-up wrist, unable to function! Allow the professionals to move you, and you'll have a reduced risk of injuring yourself.

You'll Have More Time For Self Care

Moving is stressful. Even if you are happy about the move, settling into a new town and a new house is not easy and is sure to leave you feeling a bit stressed. When you hire movers, they do all of the hard labor so you have more time left for settling in and practicing self-care. You can take a hot bath, explore the town, meet new friends, and do whatever else it is that makes you feel at home without worrying that you should be unpacking instead.

They Know How To Protect Appliances and Furniture

Moving a fridge is very different than moving a table. And moving a table is quite different from moving a potted tree. Movers take care of these things day in and day out, and they know how to get every single item to your destination in great shape. If you were to do the same, you'd probably have to spend countless hours researching proper preparation and packing procedures for each item. 

You Don't Have to Drive the Truck

Even if you've been driving a car for a few decades, driving a moving truck — especially one loaded with a lot of heavy items — is very different. You may be nervous about having to brake and turn the big truck around corners. But when you hire professionals, you don't have to drive the truck, which is especially a relief if the roads happen to be wet or slick on your moving day.

Hiring professional movers is not lazy. In fact, it's probably the best way to ensure your move is a good experience rather than one you end up regretting. To learn more, check out websites like