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Moving To Create Memories

Moving Into A Condo Building? Three Things That You May Want To Think About Before Move In Day Arrives

Harper Flores

Moving into a condo building is very different than moving into a stand alone home. You may have many new challenges to face. Unfortunately, many people do not think about these challenges or overlook them. This can make it more complicated and time consuming, regardless of whether you are moving yourself or working with a  moving company. Here are three things that you should address prior to moving into a condo building to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible. 

Finding Out When Quiet Time Is

Many condo buildings and apartment complexes have quite times. During quiet time, you may be unable to move in or out of the building. This is meant to help ensure that residents are not disturbed when they are trying to sleep. Moving furniture up and down the stairs or through the hallway can be noisy, even if you are trying to be as quiet as possible, which is why these rules are in place. Always talk to the property managers or the HOA for the building to find out when quiet time is and ensure that you are moving only during the appropriate periods of time. 

Reserving a Parking Space

Parking may be limited in or around condo buildings and apartment complexes. In some cases, you may have to reserve space in front of the building or in overflow parking lots to accommodate the size of your moving truck. Before moving day arrives, make sure that you have talked with a property manager or the HOA to find out where you can park and how to go about reserving a spot. The last thing you want is to show up to the building on moving day only to find out that you have to park blocks away because you didn't reserve an area and the spots are now filled. 

Handling the Elevator Situation

The last thing that you should address before you begin to move into a condo building is the elevator situation. If you are moving into a condo building that has multiple floors, you may be relying on using the elevator to get your belongings upstairs. However, this can take away from the residents who are trying to use the elevator. If the condo building has multiple elevators, they may allow you to use one of them specifically for your moving needs. Other complexes have freight or staff elevators that may be used by those moving. Always ask what the elevator situation is so you are not tying up the main elevator used by residents. 

If you are moving into a condo building, you may have to contend with quiet time in a building, the parking situation and sharing an elevator with tenants. Addressing all of these situations before move in day helps you know what to expect and helps to prevent any unanticipated delays that can put you or a moving company behind schedule. Visit a site like for more help.